Before You Store Your Car...

  • wash your car
  • photograph your car
  • vacuum your carpets
  • remove your trunk mat
  • increase your tire pressure
  • change your oil
  • check all fluids

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1898 Fall River Ave
Seekonk , MA 02769

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Rhode Island Car Storage

Indoor car storage for classics, daily drivers, motorcycles and vehicle evidence

  • Climate controlled
  • Humidity monitored
  • Alarm monitored
  • 24 hour surveillance
  • Controlled access
  • 4 post lifts
  • Epoxy coated floors


If you are running out of space in your garage, traveling overseas or just prefer to keep your classic car in a secure, climate-controlled building designed for car storage we have what you are looking for.

Located off I-195 in Seekonk, MA, minutes from Providence, RI.

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Safe secure and monitored indoor car storage for cars, motorcycles and vehicle evidence.

Ideal for Rhode Island and Massachusetts residents looking for car storage

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1969 Shelby with Seized Brakes from Humid Storage

by Paul on September 2, 2010 113 Comments

Humidity is the worst enemy of every car.  Humidity causes mold, rust, rot, engine failure and brakes and pressure plates to seize.   Eventually humidity will destroy any car.   This 1969 Shelby GT500 in all original condition demonstrates what WILL happen to your brakes if your car is left in a garage with too much humidity.  The front brakes are frozen solid from rust and corrosion caused by the humid air.  A close-up shot through the wheel shows surface rust that has formed on the rotor and caliper.  In a humid garage, this rust will form anywhere there is a bare metal surface including cylinder walls, the flex plate, rotors, and calipers.  This rust can and eventually will seize a motor, brake system and clutch.

Video of frozen brakes

Rescued from Mold - 1966 GTO Convertible

by Paul on August 31, 2010 26 Comments

What happens to cars that aren't stored properly?   I have two perfect examples to show you.  This 1966 GTO convertible is 100% un-restored, but still remains in perfect mechanical condition.  Unfortunately the previous owner didn't understand what humidity would do to the interior.   After being left in a so-called "climate controlled" garage for 6 months, mold began to develop on the seats and door trim panels.  The garage the car was being stored in didn't have a temperature problem; it had a humidity problem.  Mold can still grow in "ideal" temperature environments as long as there is sufficient moisture.   Luckily the car was taken out of this garage and brought to our building before any real damage was caused.  Although the mold can easily be removed from the seats, rust cannot be easily removed and you can bet that a car that has mold will eventually have ...

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