Our Story

After years of collecting vintage muscle cars, we started having the same problem that any car collector can relate to: lack of space to store our cars.   Fortunately, we already owned a building with 15,000 square feet space that was perfect for storing classic cars.  But before we parked our cars in the building, we shot-blasted and sealed the floors with a high quality epoxy floor sealer to keep any moisture from coming up through the concrete floor.  Next we installed an alarm system with motion detectors that would pick up on any attempt to enter the building without disarming the system.  In fact, it is so sensitive that a slight breeze form our A/C system will set the alarm off.  Finally, we installed the best 4 post lifts on the market.  At this point, we were ready to store our cars.  It wasn't long before we were running into other people who were having the same problem with lack of space.  Since we have more than enough space to accommodate our cars plus many more, we decided to open up our car storage to the public. 

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Seekonk Car Storage is a subsidiary of S.D. Lyons, Inc., an automotive forensics company since 1990.  S.D. Lyons, Inc. specializes in vehicle collision reconstruction, vehicle fire analysis, mechanical failure analysis and vehicle theft analysis.

Rhode Island Car Storage
Rhode Island Car Storage 4 post lifts
Rhode Island Car Storage
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